RECON “Behind Enemy Lines”

I am especially excited to do this review, featuring what I believe to be one of the best and most brilliant albums in the history of metal, both Christian and secular, no doubt. I am almost certain that anyone who is a fan of rock and metal would agree, and if you haven’t heard this one, you need to! Fans of early Queensryche, Sacred Warrior, and other similar melodic power metal bands will appreciate this album.

RECON “Behind Enemy Lines” is one of those albums that has consistently been on my list of “top ten favorites of all time.”Not only because it is so creative from beginning to end, but it’s one that I have found myself playing over and over again throughout the years, since the very first time I heard it back in 1990 when it was released on Intense Records. One of the many band’s endorsed by Pastor Bob Beeman who was the Pastor of Sanctuary in Redondo Beach, CA. And produced and arranged by George Ochoa, who is probably most recognized by his work with the band Deliverance on such albums as the great “Weapons Of Our Warfare.”

“Behind Enemy Lines” also features Vett Roberts- Vocals, Mike Grato- Bass Guitar, Eddie Starline- Rythym Guitars, and John Christianson- Drums.This was one quality line up that really had a chemistry with all of their amazing talent and creativity on every song. So it is unfortunate that  this was the only album they ever released after they made their debut with the great track, “Light The Flame”, on California Metal 2. A rare compilation featuring various Christian metal bands that were coming on to the scene at that time.

Packed with so much energy and passion with every song, “Behind Enemy Lines” is not only excellent musically, but is also full of so much  substance with the truth of the gospel, keeping Christ at the forefront throughout it’s entirety.  “In The Beginning” is the introduction instrumental track with it’s dramatic and theatrical keyboard swells, and classical guitar, bringing you into the first actual song, “Lost Soldier”. Hang on! This is one of the best songs on the album, and one of my personal favorite’s with that straight forward, high intensity metal. It instantly pulls you in and gives you a taste of the high caliber creativity from Recon, which not only marks their expertise in writing, but also highlights the incredible vocal range and powerful pipes from Vett, along with melodic guitars from Ochoa and Starline.  The next song, “Ancient Of Days” features a dynamic dual guitar piece that showcases the way they compliment one another so well.

“Choose This Day” is an especially creative song with alot of emotion, boldly calling for the listener to make a decision to choose whom they will serve. Just a great song from beginning to end, going out with sweet, worshipful guitar and classy bass runs.The guitars sing and move your heart. Then you have “Dreams.” I believe this was one of the first songs I heard from Recon and it’s one of those rockers that those who are familiar with the band have come to love. Great haunting vocal harmonies on the chorus… “In my, In my dreams, You’re always with me. In my, In my dreams.” This brings you into “Take Us Away”, which is most likely the the most well known song out of the eight. Full of driving energy, declaring the hope and the promise that our Savior and soon coming King is going to take us away from this world of hurt, sorrow, and pain.  I would consider “Holy Is The Lord” to be the worshipful track with the soothing acoustic guitars on the verses, and then it crescendos into the chorus, declaring the holiness of our Lord. His righteousness & mercy, judgement & grace, faithfulness & sovereignty.  Not to mention the beautiful classical guitar solo that sets this apart from the rest on the songs. “Alive” is another personal favorite and the title says it all. For those of us who have put our trust in Christ we know that without the glorious resurrection our faith would be in vain and it would all be pointless. This is the capstone of what we believe and really lays that foundation with this masterpiece. An anthem that spurs us on because we serve a living God who conquered death and the grave. He is alive! Taken from the passage in Revelation 20:11-15, “Eternal Destiny” reminds me of that early Queensryche sound. Keyboard is layered through the song giving which give this song an even more cinematic feel. And Ochoa’s over the top guitar solo has that same “Weapons Of Our Warfare” intensity. “This is your warning. The choice that you make will destine eternity. Take heed this warning. Jesus is King. Satan has lost. Can’t you see?”

And finally, just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, you have the last and title track, “Behind Enemy Lines” which puts the icing on the cake! A super, in your face metal arrangement. So hang on! The driving intensity and extreme energy that this song captures, with the shredding guitar
will leave you wanting to play it over and over again. Your collection just would not be complete without RECON “Behind Enemy Lines.” Simply a masterpiece and you may very well wear it out!

I am proud to give this classic piece of Righteous Metal History 7 out of 7 Crosses!

-Brian Dale for RRTV CD Reviews


Righteous Review Rating:

 ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ out of ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝

      7      out of      7

Letter 7 features Tom Collett- Vocals, JD Evans- Lead Guitar, 
Steve Allison- Guitar, Bill Weisler- Bass, Tommy Dears- Drums

Lifeline Audio Productions

Tracks on “Trust” are as follows: 

1) Tribulation Saints
2) Don’t Fall Away
3) Holy Holy
4) Treasure In The Field
5) Trust
6) Children Of Light
7) Trial By Fire
8) Archangel
9) Surrender
10) New Creation
11) Heartbreak

Also”Salt Of The Earth” and “Follow The Light” will soon be available in the Righteous Rock Store, 
so be sure to pick up those great titles as well, and stay tuned in to Righteous Rock TV
where they play the rock that’s right!

Greetings Righteous Rockers & Children Of Light,

I am especially excited to present this CD Review to all of you featuring the brand new rockin’ album from Letter 7 entitled, “Trust”.
This release is definitely over the top and “trust” me, if you’re a fan of rock and metal you will love this one. I guarantee it! 
But then again, this is my opinion and you will just have to listen for yourself.

“Trust” is third in the line up following the previous two, “Follow The Light” 2008, and “Salt Of The Earth” 2007. 
One thing that remains consistent with this band is their excellent writing musically as well as lyrically.  
Letter 7 delivers the bold message of the gospel, with songs like “Holy Holy” and “New Creation.” 
The band pulls no punches and this is rock at it’s finest. It truly is a brilliant piece of work to say the least.

If you enjoy that awesome melodic rock sound that so many came to love in the 80’s with bands like
Whitesnake, Dio, Winger, Van Halen and many others then this one is for you. Letter 7 takes you
back to the days of the creative high octane vocals, shredding guitar, melodic solo’s, and that energy 
and passion that comes through on every track. It will leave you wanting to hit that replay button over and over again.

“Trust” is an exceptional album from start to finish with the opening track, “Tribulation Saints” to their power ballad,
“Heartbreak”, the final track. Two rockers that really grabbed me were “Trial By Fire” and “Archangel”. These two songs
really capture the musical talent of Letter 7. There is also a solo guitar instrumental, “Treasure In The Field” which
showcases the expertise of guitarist JD Evans. This is one of those quality albums that you will enjoy for years to come!

” I am the one you seek. I am the way. Those who have rest and peace are those who will trust in me.

 I Give LETTER 7 “Trust”  7 Crosses Out Of 7 Crosses.

Let’s Be The Salt Of The Earth!


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Empowered “Soul Cry”

Righteous Review Rating:

 ✝✝✝✝✝✝ out of ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝

      6      out of      7

Empowered is:  Benny Di Chiara- Lead Vocals & Keys,  Shane Madera- Lead Guitar & BGV,  Danny Trahan- Guitars & BGV, Jay Yuratich- Bass & BGV, and Chris Mc Cullough- Drums

Empowered Links:


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CD Baby:

I am excited to introduce to you from Baton Rouge, LA, the band ~ EMPOWERED~, featuring their latest release, “Soul Cry”.

As soon as I pushed the CD into the car stereo and the catchy title track “Soul Cry” came through the speakers with the bass and swelling orchestral keys, I knew this album was going to be top notch.
Then then the excellent melodic vocals from vocalist, Benny Di Chiara really got my attention. I know a good vocalist when I hear one, and this guy brings it!

With creative arrangements on every song and the gospel that comes through loud and clear, the music from Empowered ranges from rockin’ songs with classy guitar and bass licks, 
like my personal favorite, “Raise Your Hand”, to some moving ballads like the title track, “Soul Cry”, with nice keyboard work from Di Chiara layered throughout. The last track on the album is a beautiful ballad entitled, “1995”. With nothing but a baby grand piano and simple vocals, Benny shares his testimony. “It was 1995. The year I came alive. The holy spirit filled me. It was 1995 when God got a hold of me.  I was saved for eternity. Now I live my life like never before. Knowing Christ makes me want to know Him more.” Being a musician myself I really appreciate the arrangements on this album and the fact that every song is so different and unique it’s it’s own special way. 

Empowered has had the opportunity to open up for artist’s like Jaci Velasquez, Switchfoot, Point Of Grace, and Audio Adrenaline. And it may not be long before you hear one of their best tracks, 
“Raise Your Hand” on the radio. I am also blessed to know that this band supports Children’s Cup. A ministry that makes a lasting impact in the lives of children in the hard places of the world.
Children’s Cup is transforming communities in Africa and other places where AIDS and abject poverty threaten the lives of thousands of children. “Giving Hope. Inspiring Dreams. Changing Lives.”
I am always encouraged to see ministries teaming up with other ministries to be an even greater influence for this world that so desperately needs the saving grace and hope of Jesus Christ. 
You can find more info @

“Soul Cry” is an excellent album that will empower the believer and reach the lost with the message of Christ. So make sure to check out EMPOWERED!
You can support them and the work they’re doing by picking up an album, giving them feedback on their Facebook page, or by praying for them.
Let them know you appreciate what they’re doing for the glory of God. The music of Empowered will definitely bless and encourage you. 
“The stage is set for music with passion. Let His message be heard!” 

I gladly give Empowered “Soul Cry” Six Out Of Seven Crosses. 

~Don’t Lose The Fire,

Brian Dale-  Righteous Rock TV Reviews

SAINT “Too Late For Living”

Righteous Review Rating:

 ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ out of ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝

      7      out of      7

Saint – Too Late For Living


Track Listing: “Too Late For Living” (3:54), “Star Pilot” (3:24), “Accuser” (1:59), “The Rock” (2:48), “On The Street” (3:36), “Returning” (4:41), “The Path” (3:38), “Through The Sky” (3:53), “The War Is Over” (3:58)

Josh Kramer – Lead Vocals
Dee Harrington – Guitars
Richard Lynch – Bass
John Perrine – Drums


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Armor up Star Pilots!! 

I must say that I am especially enthused and excited about this next album that I have chosen for my next CD review for Righteous Rock TV!
I wanted to go back several years to the time when I was first discovering the Christian metal bands that quickly grabbed my attention at the ripe young age of 15.
Classic “pioneers” of Christian metal that were really beginning to make a name for themselves like Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Whitecross, and of course the legendary band, Saint.
So as you can imagine, it was difficult to make my decision for this one and choose from my list of “Top 20 Favorite Albums.”

I clearly remember the first time I was introduced to Saint by my friend, Jason Moody, vocalist for hard core band, No Innocent Victim. He loaned me their debut release, “Warriors Of The Son”
on cassette. Remember those? Seeing their photo on the cover with them sporting the leather and spikes I suspected it would be one rockin’ album. And sure enough it was.
With great straight ahead metal songs like, “Vicars Of Fate” and “Time’s Wasting” they really grabbed my attention. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and I have been a fan ever since.

My two favorite Saint albums have consistently been their second release, “Times End” and third release, “Too Late For Living”, which I am proud to say is the one I have chosen for this review.
It really was a toss up between the two, because both are excellent albums in their own unique way.

Released on Pure Metal Records 1988, “Too Late For Living” is what I would consider to be one of the staples of Christian rock and metal. Anyone who has heard the music from Saint knows that
everything they do is quality, and that this album is one that should be in every Righteous Rocker’s music library. This masterpiece features great metal songs like title track, “Too Late For Living”,
“The Rock”, “Star Pilot”, and “The War Is Over”. Also includes an amazing instrumental track, “Returning” which has that same vibe as “Mr. Scary” by Dokken.
Every song is rockin’ from start to finish with superb writing, and quality production. If you enjoy melodic “in your face” guitars and over the top vocals this one is for you.
Josh Kramer delivers it on every track with his awesome vocal range. 

Saint is recognized by their peers as one of the most influential bands to come on the scene. They have a history of other albums like, “In The Battle”, “Hell Blade”, and most recent “Desperate Night”.
What makes this band unique is that the themes for most of their songs are taken from the book of Revelation, focusing on prophecy, or end time events. Songs like, “The Path”, “Through The Sky”, and “The Accuser”…. “He wears the coat of darkness. You know he wears it well. He is the king of evil sent to us straight from hell. Working his master plan. Destroying all of man. So quickly to deceive with tricks stuffed up his sleeve.” 

Saint is: Josh Kramer- Vocals, Richard Lynch- Bass and Founder, John Mahan- Guitars, Dee Harrington- Guitars, and John Perrine- Drums.
Similar to bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, or Primal Fear.
Other Great Albums: “Warriors Of The Son”, “Times End”, “Too Late For Living”, “The Perfect Life”, “Revelation”, “Crime Scene Earth”, “In The Battle”, “Hell Blade”, “The Mark”, “Desperate Night”.

I Give SAINT “Too Late For Living” Pure Metal Records 1988  7 CROSSES out of 7 CROSSES. 

Stay tuned here on RRTV for the exclusive interview with TJ Servant and Richard Lynch (Bassist and Founder Of Saint) coming soon! 

Eyes Upon The Rock,

Brian Dale

“Power and Glory” from The Seventh Power Review

The Seventh Power : Power and Glory

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Righteous Review Rating:

 ✝✝✝✝✝✝ out of ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝

      6      out of      7

Tracks include- 

1) After The Image
2) Blessed Is The Man
3) Doom Has Come
4) God Is Love
5) In Thy Kingdom Come
6) Look Into My Eyes
7) No Other Name
8) Power and Glory
9) Valley Of The Shadow
10) Wings As Eagles

Robert Sweet- Drums/ Bill Menchen- Everything Else


I remember the first time I discovered the brilliant music from Bill Menchen was when I saw the video for “God Is Love” right here on Righteous Rock TV.     This is one of my personal favorite tracks on the most recent project, “Power and Glory” from The Seventh Power. His collection of projects includes The Seventh Power, Final Axe, Redeemer, Titanic, 
and Rev Seven.

Although I enjoy everything Menchen has done, I thought it would be fitting to do my second review for RRTV on the “Power and Glory” album, being that it was the first one I heard. Released in 2012- Wrenchen Menchen Records, it is definitely one roller coaster ride from start to finish with other awesome tracks like, “After The Image”, “No Other Name”, “Valley Of The Shadow”, and “Wings Of Eagles”.

Right away I was hooked by the “in your face”, shredding guitars in the forefront, all done by Menchen himself. And the powerful, crashing drums done by none other than “visual timekeeper”, Robert Sweet from legendary rock band Stryper. But the thing that also grabbed me were the bold lyrics in the songs that are all taken directly from scripture. This is one important element that I look for with any band that claims to be a Christian band, and it remains consistent with every album. Like one of my favorite passages from Isaiah 40:31. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint”, from “Wings As Eagles.”

Other Seventh Power projects include, “The Power”, “Dominion and Power”, and “Eternal Power”, which is my favorite of the four. And as I said before, they all feature the over the top drum work with Robert Sweet. Everything that Bill Menchen has released is nothing less than excellent- musically and lyrically. His unique brand of metal, proclaiming the glory and greatness of our awesome God will not disappoint any fan of Christian rock and metal. If you’re looking for a good rocking album, “Power and Glory” is a perfect addition for your music collection and you will find yourself playing this one over and over again.

“Attention all mankind in the world federation. He comes in Power and Glory!”

Welcome to Righteous Rock Reviews

I am truly honored to have this special opportunity to do the CD reviews for Righteous Rock TV, and I would like to thank my good friend TJ Servant for the privilege of serving with him to support the signed bands — as well as the independent bands. Because, ultimately, it’s about unity in the body of Christ, and bringing glory to our amazing Lord and Savior together, lifting up His name, and reaching the lost with the greatest message in the world through Christian rock and metal.

I have been a fan of Christian rock and metal for 27 years now, so obviously it is something I am passionate about. It’s a joy for me to support those bands that have a solid, Christ-centered message in their music and are not ashamed to proclaim the hope and salvation we share in Him.

One of those bands who have never compromised and have always produced great quality music is the band BLOODGOOD. They been on my list of favorites for many years, and I am excited to do my very first RRTV review for their most recent release, “Dangerously Close.” 

The Bloodgood line-up consists of the amazing Les Carlsen (Vocals), Michael Bloodgood (Bassist and Founder), Paul Jackson (Guitars), Kevin Wisler (Drums) and Oz Fox (Guitars) from the legendary band, Stryper. This is Oz Fox’s first recording with the the band, adding a whole new dimension to Bloodgood’s sound.

Released in November of 2013, “Dangerously Close” is a brilliant and creative album, and a “must have” for any Bloodgood fan. The rockin’ song “Lamb Of God” (check out the video here –, which debuted late last year, was the first track I heard, and I knew without a doubt that this was an album I would be anxiously waiting for. With lyrics like  “Stretched out His arms to hold you. Gave up His life to know you.Taught us to love one another. Lay down your life for your brother.”                                                                                                             
“Dangerously Close” captures many different musical emotions, from rockers like”Pray” and “In The Trenches,” to worshipful tracks like “I Will” (one of my personal favorites) and “Crush Me” (a moving, heartfelt ballad about being broken before the Lord): “Love me. Find me. Break me. Crush me. Fix me. Give me life again.” Another track that stood out on this album was, “Child On Earth” — a terrific song lyrically and musically. I would consider “Child on Earth” to be one of the best songs they have written to date. 

Every song on this album is great, and I’m sure it will always be known as one of their best works. I am proud to give Bloodgood’s “Dangerously Close” 7 out of 7 Crosses. This album will not disappoint and I would highly recommend it for your music collection.

Recommended for those who enjoy bands like Stryper, Barren Cross, Whitecross, Sacred Warrior.                                                                                                                                                               Tracks are: 1) Lamb Of God, 2) Run Away, 3) Child On Earth, 4) I Will, 5) Bread Alone, 6) Pray, 7) I Can Hold On, 8) Run The Race, 9) Father Father, 10) Man In The Middle, 11) Crush Me, 12) In The Trenches.



Brian Dale

Rock for the King & God Bless You,

✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ out of ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝